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July 1973 Established as Sansuits Co., Ltd.
August 1979 Trade name changed to Sankyo Co., Ltd.
November 1979 With the theme of fashion and sports, first large-scale store of XEBIO opened in former Nagasakiya Building (One floor under ground and seven floors above ground with 5,098 sq. m. floor space) in Fukushima Prefecture.
November 1983 Suburban sports store “Top Sports Namiki” opened in Koriyama City.
October 1984 Suburban Men’s clothing store “Sankyo Asaka” opened in Koriyama City.
November 1985 Suburban single casual wear store “Men’s Capa Kuwano”opened in Koriyama City.
November 1987 Trade name changed to XEBIO Co., Ltd. At the same time, store names are changed from existing “Sankyo” (men’s wear store) to “XEBIO” (large retail complex) and “XEBIO Men’s Wear”, from “Top Sports” to “XEBIO Sports”, and from “Everyday” to “XEBY”, respectively.
April 1988 Store registered at Japan Securities Dealers Association, Tokyo District.
July 1988 Completed new HQ premises at 3-7-35 Asahi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture and transferred flagship store to the same location.
May 1990 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
July 1990 Opened our first suburban golf specialty store “XEBIO Sports Katsuta (currently Xebio Sports Hitachinaka)” in Katsuta City (currently Hitachinaka City), Ibaraki Prefecture.
April 1991 Acquired 100% of the shares of Resort Hotel Bandai Co., Ltd. (currently Seiryozen Co., Ltd., consolidated subsidiary).
October 1992 本宮流通センターXEBIO Business Service Co., Ltd Motomiya Distribution Center (Total floor area 21,120 sq. m.) completed.
December 1992 スーパースポーツゼビオ仙台泉中央店Suburban large complex “Super Sports XEBIO Izumi-Chuo Sendai” (3300 sq. m., one floor) opened in Sendai. Six other new mega stores opened simultaneously.
September 1995 Listing changed to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
June 1996 Concluded Business Alliance Agreement with British apparel retailer Next Corporation.
January 1998 Recognized by the Tokyo Stock Exchange for constructive disclosure efforts.
November 1999 スーパースポーツゼビオドーム札幌月寒店Opened nature-themed “Super Sports XEBIO Sapporo Dome Tsukisamu” with the largest retail space within the country of about 8,250 sq. m..
March 2002 “XEBY” is abolished and merged into sports category.
July 2004 XEBIO Business Service Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary) is established.
January 2005 Held academic-industrial alliance public lecture “Fukushima University Business Academy” with Fukushima University.
April 2005 Acquired 100% of shares of Victoria Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary), and acquired 100% ownership.
August 2005 XEBIO Insurance Services Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary) established.
June 2006 ゼビオカードEstablished XEBIO Card Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary).
October 2006 Acquired 100% of shares of Refine Inc. (consolidated subsidiary) and Leonian Co., Ltd.
July 2008 XEBIO Navigators Network Co.,Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary) founded.
October 2008 Acquired shares of Golf Partner Co., Ltd. through a takeover bid, and made it consolidated subsidiary. (Owned 95.5% of shares.)
December 2008 Festival Golf Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary) founded. Rise Co., Ltd. (Acquired “Festival Golf” from RYZ Co., Ltd. which has been developing five premises of used golf goods specialty stores in urban areas and Internet retailing from January 2009.)
April 2009 Acquired total ownership of Golf Partner Co., Ltd. by simple share exchange.
June 2010 スーパースポーツゼビオドームつくば学園東大通り店Japan’s largest hands-on sports mall “Super Sports XEBIO Dome Tsukuba Gakuen-higashi Odori Avenue” opened.
August 2010 Made ALBA Partners Co., Ltd. (affiliate company of ALBA Co., Ltd. publishing Golf magazines and so forth, and undertaking WEB business) its subsidiary.
May 2011 Established integrated sports marketing company “X Sports Marketing Inc”.
November 2011 Established “Saibyao (China) Gymnastic Goods Co., Ltd. (賽標 体育用品有限公司)” in Shanghai with Toyota Tsusho Corporation.
April 2012 Korean joint venture company “XEBIO Korea Co., Ltd” established.
June 2012 スーパースポーツゼビオ上海浦東店Grand opening of first overseas store “Super Sports XEBIO Shanghai Pudong” was held.
March 2013 Second overseas store “Super Sports XEBIO Euljiro, Seoul” established in Seoul, Korea.
December 2013 Transfer agreement reached with Transview Holdings Singapore for the golf equipment business.  On-site overseas business management company is established in Singapore.
December 2013 NEXAS Co., Ltd. established.  Operating agreement reached to manage 23 stores which Takeda Sports Co., Ltd has in the Northern Tohoku region.
October 2015 Transition to a pure holdings company completed.  6 core companies placed under XEBIO Holdings Co., Ltd.


FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)