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Corporate Outline

Head Office Location 3-7-35 Asahi, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-8024, Japan 【MAP】【GoogleMap
Tokyo Office Nishikicho Trad Square, 3-20 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ward,
Tokyo 101-0054, Japan【MAP】【GoogleMap
Utsunomiya Office Hoshigaoka 2-1-8, Utsunomiya,
Tochigi Prefecture 320-0038, Japan【GoogleMap
URL http://www.xebio.co.jp/
Established August 1962
Founded 5 July 1973
Products & Services Sales of sporting goods & gear, men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear
Number of Employees 971(As of March 31,2015)
*Number of employees does not include 4,272 part-timers. (Converted by 8 actual working hours per day.)
*Number of employees in affiliated company is 1,898.


Board Members

President & CEO Tomoyoshi Morohashi
Board Member Takeshi Kitazawa
Board Member Masatake Yashiro
Board Member Gaku Ishiwata
Board Member Michihiko Ota
Full-time Auditor Norihiro Kato
External Auditor Mikio Koyano
External Auditor Toshio Takaku

Corporate Officers

Executive Vice President Tomoharu Kato/President XEBIO Co., Ltd.
Executive Vice President Takaaki Nakamura/President Xross Sports Marketing Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Jyunya Ishida/President Golf Partner Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Hiroyuki Murai/President Cross Tech Sports Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Keita Shimanuki/President Xebio Communication Networks Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Tsuyosi Fujisawa/President Victoria Inc.
Corporate Officer Ryuichi Sakurai/President XEBIO Corporate Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Yasuo Oshima/Executive Director XEBIO Corporate Co., Ltd.
Corporate Officer Kazuhiko Nakamura/Director XEBIO Corporate Co., Ltd.


XEBIO Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.supersports.co.jp/Sales of sporting goods & gear, men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear.
Victoria Inc.
Products & Services http://www.victoria.co.jp/ Sales of sporting goods.
Golf Partner Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.golfpartner.co.jp/ Purchases and sales of golf goods.
Xross Sports Marketing Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.xsmktg.com Marketing project, research & consulting business, event promotion, and property management.
Cross Tech Sports Co., Ltd.
Products & Services International business and R&D operations.
XEBIO Corporate Co., Ltd
Products & Services http://www.xebio-xbs.jp Group corporate operations business.
Xross Planet Co., Ltd
Products & Services Sports related services utilizing Internet, E-commerce management business and golf course reservation services.
XEBIO Insurance Services Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.xis.co.jp Life and non-life integrated insurance agency.
XEBIO Navigators Network Co., Ltd.
Products & Services Sales agency business, human resource development, temporary staffing service.
Tohoku Ice Hockey Club Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.freeblades.jp Management of professional sports team “Tohoku Free Blades”.
Xebio Card Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.xebiocard.co.jp/ Credit card business, installment sales, funding services.
Kokudo Kanko Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.seiryozan.jp/ Training accommodation service.
XEBIO (China) Co., Ltd.
Products & Services Sporting goods retail in China.
XEBIO (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
Products & Services Sporting goods retail in Chengdu.


FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)