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Corporate Outline

Trade Name XEBIO CO., LTD.
Head Office Location 3-7-35 Asahi, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-8024, Japan 【MAP】【GoogleMap
Xebio Tokyo Headquarter Nishikicho Trad Square, 3-20 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ward,
Tokyo 101-0054, Japan【MAP】【GoogleMap
Xebio Utsunomiya Office Hoshigaoka 2-1-8, Utsunomiya,
Tochigi Prefecture 320-0038, Japan【GoogleMap
URL http://www.xebio.co.jp/
Established August 1962
Founded 5 July 1973
Products & Services Sales of sporting goods & gear, men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear
Number of Employees 958 (As of March 31, 2014)
*Number of employees does not include 4,156 part-timers. (Converted by 8 actual working hours per day.)
*Number of employees in affiliated company is 1,898.


Board Members

President & CEO Tomoyoshi Morohashi
Board Member Takeshi Kitazawa
Board Member Masatake Yashiro
Board Member Gaku Ishiwata
Board Member Junji Yamada
Full-time Auditor Norihiro Kato
External Auditor Mikio Koyano
External Auditor Tsuneo Sasaki

Executive Officers

Vice President Officer Tomoharu Kato
Senior Managing Officer Ryuichi Sakurai
Managing Officer Yuhiko Oyama
Managing Officer Yasuo Oshima
Managing Officer Koichi Ishizuka
Managing Officer Kazuhiko Nakamura
Managing Officer Yuichiro Araki
Managing Officer Junya Ishida
Managing Officer Takaaki Nakamura
Operating Officer Tamotsu Takahashi
Operating Officer Seigou Kihara
Operating Officer Masahide Kato
Operating Officer Masaki Egawa
Operating Officer Hiroyuki Honda
Operating Officer Syunichi Uchimi
Operating Officer Yuichi Inomata
Operating Officer Takahiro Hara
Operating Officer Hideto Hoshi
Operating Officer Akiko Kondo
Operating Officer Kouji Inaishi
Operating Officer Hiroyuki Murai


Victoria Inc.
Products & Services http://www.victoria.co.jp/ Sales of sporting goods.
Golf Partner Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.golfpartner.co.jp/ Purchases and sales of golf goods.
Cross Planet, Inc.
Products & Services Sports related services utilizing Internet, E-commerce management business and golf course reservation services
X Sports Marketing Inc.
Products & Services http://www.xsmktg.com Marketing project, research & consulting business, event promotion, and property management.
XEBIO Business Service Co., Ltd
Products & Services http://www.xebio-xbs.jp Payroll service, management of store facility and clerical services such as data-entry.
XEBIO Insurance Services
Products & Services http://www.xis.co.jp Life and non-life integrated insurance agency.
XEBIO Navigators Network Co., Ltd.
Products & Services Sales agency business, human resource development, temporary staffing service.
Tohoku Ice Hockey Club Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.freeblades.jp Management of professional sports team “Tohoku Free Blades”.
Xebio Card Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.xebiocard.co.jp/ Credit card business, installment sales, funding services.
Seiryozan Co., Ltd.
Products & Services http://www.seiryozan.jp/ Training accommodation service.
XEBIO (China) Co., Ltd.
Products & Services Sporting goods retail in China.
XEBIO Korea Co., Ltd.
Products & Services Sporting goods retail in Korea.


FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)