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Message From the President

Our Company was established in 1962 in Iwaki city of Fukushima prefecture as a men’s suits specialty store.

Half a century has passed and we have continued to make developments and innovations as pioneers in each market we have entered. From men’s suits business, casual apparel business, to the sporting goods business, we have enlarged the scale of stores and introduced exciting in-store fixtures and displays as well as provided local area based merchandising to increase our footprint while carefully differentiating from our competitors. Progressive mergers and acquisitions plus the establishment of new business companies have also allowed us to continue our consistent growth as an “Only One” company.

In present times where change occurs at a rapid pace, our Group has newly evolved into a holdings company now named XEBIO Holdings Co., Ltd. We have reorganized our Group to consist of 3 operational core companies (XEBIO Co., Ltd., Victoria, Inc., Golf Partner Co., Ltd.) and 3 functional core companies (X Sports Marketing Co., Ltd., Cross Tech Sports Co., Ltd., XEBIO Corporate Co., Ltd.). The president of each core company will become members of XEBIO Holdings’ management committee and will implement a decision making process where Group management issues are discussed with the CEO and with committee members.

The restructuring of the organization signifies the transition to a new phase where qualitative growth is emphasized over quantitative growth. Since the establishment of our company, we as “Sports Navigators” have for the past 50 years, and will for the next 100 years, continue to evolve with Xebio’s DNA that has been inherited through the years.

“Xebio” has two meanings, living a unique lifestyle “XEchoristos-BIOs” and spirit of energetic expansion “eXpanding & Energetic BIOs.” Xebio Group will continue sharing its policy “for the total creation and proposition of our customer’s lifestyle and future lifestyle developments” and through these efforts we will make the “Sports Conglomerate” concept a reality. We will provide and service in an all-encompassing way to the health and living needs of our customers and strive to truly be an all-round “lifestyle company”.

Lastly, in 2020 the Olympics will be held in Tokyo.

Sports can be enjoyed in many various forms such as “playing” and “watching”. Any person of any age from children to adults, and both males and females are able to enjoy sports. We strive to create a “Japan which is vibrant with the greatness of sports” through the development of our Group statement “Sports that Move the Heart”. To make sure this experience does not fade away after the 2020 Olympics, we will continue to output our message to the world and realize our mission: “Making the world a brighter and energetic place through the power of sports”

Tomoyoshi Morohashi


FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)