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Our Employees



“Human resource” is our asset. We have the culture that each and every staff can think independently and express ideas. In this corporate culture, every employee is growing their individuality and ability while stimulating each other. All the ideas and communications arising from there are the strengths of our company and it is serving as the driving force for robust business structure.

In order to achieve an excellent outcome and to continue to evolve under the principle of “fair competition”, we will develop human resources and recruit staff autonomously.


We have an environment that everybody can express their ideas freely regardless of their age, job title and office organization. Every employee is polishing product knowledge and sales skills needed as a retailer through various training every day. Also, we are giving various regular seminars for executives to carry out through human resource development. We are also widely recruiting idea proposals on a routine basis, and it is the “culture of XEBIO” that even young staff can challenge anything with their own will. In this way, by creating corporate culture to overcome barrier of generation and job types, we are aiming to create environment in which employees can transform and evolve themselves.


“A Nail That Sticks Out System (Derukui System)” was born as a job posting system in 2000. This system has been used in a various posts including appointment to managerial position such as store managers or managers, and this is a system that anyone can apply and challenge focusing on their future goal. XEBIO has prepared environment which is constantly motivating “XEBIO men” and “XEBIO women” who keep on challenging new possibilities.

Free and active corporate culture treasuring human, which makes XEBIO special and unique, are now shaping independent and individualistic world. We are aspiring to grow while handing over such “XEBIO Culture” to next generation.

従業員 従業員


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