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Coporate Social Responsibility

  • Coporate Social Responsibility
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  • To Our Customers
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To Our Customers


We are promoting daily operations and improvement of businesses based on “Customer First” policy which is also set up for corporate philosophy. We are aiming to create stores which can support total lifestyle of customers such as maintenance of good health, beauty and leisure not merely as sports goods specialty store. About products and services, we have prepared commodity composition matched to characteristics of each region. Additionally, sales staff called “Sport Navigator” who have a great deal of knowledge will serve you in the kind and polite manner. In addition, not simply selling products, we are aiming to create selling space where customer can feel “dream” and “sensation” of sports by layout or staging in the stores, eventually to improve level of customer satisfaction.

●Consultative sales by “Sports Navigator”.
●Collecting feedback from customers.
●Setting up Customer Service Office



FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)