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Supporting Sports

Among various industries, sports have a power to give inspirations and dreams to the people. As in the slogan of the Group “Sports That Move The Heart”, our mission is to create scenes that move the heart of more people than ever through bringing out the potentials of sports and making socially valuable activities. To achieve this, it is essential to vitalize entire sports industry. There are many ways of enjoying sports. We see sports not only as a player, but also see in a broad sense such as “sports to spectate and support”, “fashion”, “community”, “education” and “maintenance and promotion of health”. Taking advantage of the assets of our company and giving dreams and inspirations to children who are responsible for the next generation, we will continue to promote activities with an eye toward creating bright society in collaboration with each sports organization.


Environment is still severe for highly-skilled athletes to commit themselves in training. Here we are employing athletes, firstly to create model case that they can become independent both in “activities as athlete” and “as a member of society”, and secondly to make them acquire sociality to flourish as a business person even after their retirement as an athlete. We believe passing their skills and techniques down to children and societies or increasing such opportunities will lead to vitalization of sports industry and business.


“Tohoku Free Blades”

“Tohoku Free Blades” is an ice hockey club team based in Tohoku region which have joined Asian League Ice Hockey. “Tohoku Free Blades” is run by XEBIO’s indirectly-owned subsidiary TOHOKU ICE HOCKEY CLUB Co.,Ltd. Since ice hockey is the ultimate example of local sports within Japan, if we can run ice hockey team independently, we believe we can extend this success to other sports. As a model case for running professional sports team, and also for promotion of winter sports, we will continue to grow and expand this activity.

Visit website of “Tohoku Free Blades




With a history of more than 40 years from its foundation, “Tokyo Verdy” is nation’s leading prestigious football club which have also records of victories in J1, claiming themselves to be”strong team which gives inspiration and joy to the people, and team loved by many people” and “integrated sporting club contributing not only to football but also to life long sporting activities”. As well as emphasizing to such philosophy and principle, we have concluded comprehensive major sponsorship agreement with club with the hope that supporting restructuring of professional sports team will contribute to entire sports industry.



We at the XEBIO Group have concluded five-year “Executive Partnership Agreement” up to March 2017 with Japan Basketball Association (JBA) in April 2012. Thus, we will promote diffusion and development of basketball to pursue improvement of value of sporting event itself through delivering services to JBA registrants, new business development, web-related business and development of new business.


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