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Coporate Social Responsibility

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Protecting the Environment

By creating eco-friendly structure and operating eco-friendly stores, we would like to pursue activities aiming for reassuring and safe life and affluent social environment.


“Super Sports XEBIO” Hamamatsu Miyatake in Hamamatsu City Shizuoka Prefecture, is working on cleaning activities of seaside near the store voluntarily by employees. As a community-based company, we would like to continue such efforts with the cooperation of residents of neighboring regions.


With the initiative of “Super Sports XEBIO Fukushima-Minami-Bypass” reopened in December 2008, and “XEBIO Sports Tsukuba Gakuen Higashi Odori” opened in June 2010, we are striving for making eco-friendly stores. We have equipped with skylight for letting in natural light and solar-powered LED outdoor light in the stores. Additionally, plastic bag using material which reduces CO2 emission at the time of incineration are introduced in all stores. We would like to strive for creating stores which are eco-friendly and easy to do shopping for local residents.


As a consideration for environment, we have reduced number of cardboards which is used for moving products. Until now, for almost all the shipment such as arrival from suppliers, delivery form distribution depot and among stores, cardboards had been used. But now, from the idea of “reusing” limited resources, we are aiming to achieve cost saving and Eco-friendly logistics using ”folding type container”.

Coolbiz & Warmbiz


We are working to develop our own “CoolBiz” and “WarmBiz” products, and they are produced and sold as our original items. Let alone staging in the stores, with the cooperation of customers, we would like to pursue the development of environmentally friendly products by actively addressing global warming or environmental issues. By preparing thermal items as part of “WamBiz”, we are promoting activities to propose items such as gloves, mufflers, inner cloths, socks and blankets.


“Recycling of Footwear Products”

The XEBIO Group is aiming for creating affluent society which children can enjoy sports with smiles. Although we take it for granted that we wear shoes in our daily life, but there are children in the world who are constantly at risk of tetanus and infectious diseases by living in barefoot or nearly barefoot. We are collecting shoes, which customer do not wear any more, or trainers or sports shoes which still can be used, by setting Shoes Collection Box in some stores of “Super Sports XEBIO”. By doing this, we wish to provide environment in which children can run around with smiles feeling safe, to as many children as possible. We would like to contribute to creating enriched sports environments through various activities with the hope that children of the world can enjoy sports with smile.



With the suggestion from an employee the XEBIO Group is promoting “Ecocap Activities” with the aim of recycling plastic bottle cap. Along with reducing CO2 emission by recycling, we provide vaccine to the children in the developing countries through Ecocap Promotion Association “Ecocap”.


FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)