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Compliance with Rules and Regulations
We believe it is our responsibility to promote management complied with laws based on corporate philosophy as well as adherence to laws and regulations.


In order to fulfill the social responsibilities of a corporation, XEBIO has put a Compliance Committee in place to monitor and manage the Compliance Committees of each core subsidiary company. The Compliance Committee will monitor and control each of the subsidiary compliance committees, as well as report to the other committees, any issues that arise to continuously raise our Group’s compliance standards.

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This policy is aimed for ensuring honest and fair management by stipulating matters concerning the handling of compliance in our company such as compliance with laws and regulations and developing organizational structure for compliance.


Conducting various seminars such as Anti-Monopoly Act seminar, Subcontractor Law seminar, Intellectual Property Right (Trademark Act, patent right and Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Extra or Unexpected Benefit and Misleading Representation) seminars as well as training sessions utilizing e-learning platforms, we promote practice of legal compliance in operating activities and rise of awareness of employees.


This system is aimed for reinforcement of compliance management by protecting informer, detecting and correcting illicit activities early by consultation by employees concerning organizational or personal violations of laws and regulations or by establishing appropriate structure for handling whistle-blowing.

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