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Hospitality programs for Shareholder

Shareholder Special Complimentary Ticket


We are presenting “Shareholder Special Complimentary Ticket” to all shareholders in the shareholder list of 30th September and 31st March every year.

This is highly money-saving discount coupon which you can use one ticket for one purchase.

Please feel free to use this coupon at “Super Sports XEBIO”, “XEBIO Sports” and “next”, or our company group “Victoria”, “Victoria Golf”, “L-Breath”, “GOLF Partner”, “FESTIVAL GOLF” and ”Seiryozan Club” shop.

Shareholders who have 100 shares or more./Shareholders who have 1,000 shares or more.

Shareholder Special Complimentary Ticket

We give shareholders who have more than 100 shares as of 30th September and 31st March of every year “Shareholder Special Complimentary Ticket” in the sense of showing respect to all shareholders.

By using this “Shareholder Special Complimentary Ticket” at each XEBIO store, you will get discount from the total cost of your purchase.


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