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Our Stakeholders

August 15th, 2012 marked the anniversary of our 50th year in business, a gift for which we give our gratitude to our many stakeholders for their support over the years.

We at Xebio have always made it our mission to take opportunities to develop new markets. It was with this mission in mind that soon after our initial establishment as a menswear store in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture in 1962, we shifted our core business focus from menswear to casual wear and sportswear. 25 years later the company name was changed to “Xebio”, derived from the Greek phrase “XEchoristos-BIOs”, meaning “unique lifestyle” and the English/Greek phrase “eXpanding & Energetic BIOs.” The name Xebio was created to encourage a stimulating and active lifestyle, looking towards growth with the future. We have since developed our business model with our policy to ambitiously cultivate future industries and offer products expanding into numerous areas of our customers’ lifestyles. Differentiating ourselves from other companies by expanding the size of our stores and incorporating in-store ornamentation with high amusement value, we have vastly expanded our network of stores and achieved steady growth, encouraging management that values “quality over quantity.”

Currently comprised of 16 companies, we at the Xebio Group aspire to create a “Sports Conglomerate.” The drive behind this concept is “to go beyond the boundaries of sports retailing and pursue the appeal of sport itself.” We aim to develop sports to their maximum potential, and convey the appeal of sports to people within local communities. Furthermore, we aim to develop the sports industry by transforming its business model to maximize the business value of sports.

Staff engaged in our core business, sports goods retailing, are referred to as “Sports Navigators.” Not only do they offer guidance in regards to products customers are interested in, but they also communicate the excitement and passion of sports to maximize its value. We aim to turn our stores, located across the country, into thrilling and exciting places which our customers can enjoy as sports communities.

We encounter many ups and downs, moments both bittersweet and moving when engaging in sports. However, as one athlete was quoted to have said, “I am more pleased by a personal best than a medal.” This is because to people who love sports, whether a professional or amateur, the moment one exceeds their own limits is a satisfaction incomparable to anything outside of the world of sports. Whether a new lowest score in golf or the feeling of achievement after climbing a mountain, we believe that the first time doing anything, which before one could not, can be called a personal best.

Our group statement is “Kokoro wo Ugokasu Sports” or “Sports that Move the Heart”, expressing our belief that sports hold an infinite power far beyond our expectations. One can enjoy sports regardless of age, gender, health or disability, and one can participate in sports at any level, as a beginner, as an athlete, or as a professional. And of course, cheering for one’s favorite player or team is one of the most all-encompassing pleasures of sports. Now, commemorating our 50th anniversary, under the motto “Let’s Create a Sports Nation,” we passionately aspire to expand the world of sports, which has a bonding power beyond that of words.

With the opening of store locations in China this year, we will continue to take steps towards a global business network, and spread our unique message to the people of the world. We believe that the future is bright for nations of people who are moved by sports.

Tomoyoshi Morohashi


FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)