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Coporate Social Responsibility

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Rearing of Next Generation

In sports, we believe experiences needed in growing phase such as “greeting”, “etiquette”, “frustration”, “joy of victory”, “cooperativeness”, “communication ability”, “competitive power” and “setting goal” will contribute to educating children. To contribute to rearing children who forge the future, we will strive to promote activities supporting dreams and inspiration of children with the idea of “Sports Edutainment”.



As a community-based company, as well as a company providing opportunity for communication through sports, wishing to help improvement of techniques, increasing number of players and sound growth of young people, we are supporting various games and events such as basket ball, golf, tennis, baseball, futsal and the like throughout the nation.

Aiming to promote sports, build healthy and affluent society and increase number of people who enjoy sports, we will continue these efforts towards the future.



We hold a sports event called “Sports Clinic” for baseball, football and running et cetera to contribute not only to improvement of technique but also to mental and physical growth of children including greetings, cooperativeness, sociality and effort towards their own goal. Also by creating opportunity to interact with professional players with children, we strive to give dreams and inspiration to children.



FY2012 Annual Report(eBook)